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Publicerad: 2023-04-13

PIDcare publikation


Immunodeficiency syndromes differentially impact the functional profile of SARS-CoV-2-specific T cells elicited by mRNA vaccination.
Gao Y, Cai C, Wullimann D, Niessl J, Rivera-Ballesteros O, Chen P, Lange J, Cuapio A, Blennow O, Hansson L, Mielke S, Nowak P, Vesterbacka J, Akber M, Perez-Potti A, Sekine T, Müller TR, Boulouis C, Kammann T, Parrot T, Muvva JR, Sobkowiak M, Healy K, Bogdanovic G, Muschiol S, Söderdahl G, Österborg A, Hellgren F, Grifoni A, Weiskopf D et al.
Immunity 2022:55(9):1732-1746.e5.

MAIT cell compartment characteristics are associated with the immune response magnitude to the BNT162b2 mRNA anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccine.
Boulouis C, Kammann T, Cuapio A, Parrot T, Gao Y, Mouchtaridi E, Wullimann D, Lange J, Chen P, Akber M,Rivera Ballesteros O, Muvva JR, Smith CIE, Vesterbacka J, Kieri O, Nowak P, Bergman P, Buggert M, Ljunggren HG, Aleman S, Sandberg JK; COVAXID study group.
Mol Med 2022:28(1):54.

Elevated CD21 low B Cell Frequency Is a Marker of Poor Immunity to Pfizer-BioNTech BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccine Against SARS-CoV-2 in Patients with Common Variable Immunodeficiency.
Bergman P, Wullimann D, Gao Y, Wahren Borgström E, Norlin AC, Lind Enoksson S, Aleman S, Ljunggren HG, Buggert M, Smith CIE.
J Clin Immunol 2022:42(4):716-727.

NK cell frequencies, function and correlates to vaccine outcome in BNT162b2 mRNA anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccinated healthy and immunocompromised individuals.
Cuapio A, Boulouis C, Filipovic I, Wullimann D, Kammann T, Parrot T, Chen P, Akber M, Gao Y, Hammer Q, Strunz B, Pérez Potti A, Rivera Ballesteros O, Lange J, Muvva JR, Bergman P, Blennow O, Hansson L, Mielke S, Nowak P, Söderdahl G, Österborg A, Smith CIE, Bogdanovic G, Muschiol S, Hellgren F, Loré K, Sobkowiak MJ, Gabarrini G, Healy K et al.
Mol Med 2022:28(1):20.

Salivary IgG to SARS-CoV-2 indicates seroconversion and correlates to serum neutralization in mRNA vaccinated immunocompromised individuals.
Healy K, Pin E, Chen P, Söderdahl G, Nowak P, Mielke S, Hansson L, Bergman P, Smith CIE, Ljungman P, Valentini D, Blennow O, Österborg A, Gabarrini G, Al-Manei K, Alkharaan H, Sobkowiak MJ, Yousef J, Mravinacova S, Cuapio A, Xu X, Akber M, Loré K, Hellström C, Muschiol S, Bogdanovic G, Buggert M, Ljunggren HG, Hober S, Nilsson P et al.
Med (N Y) 2022:3(2):137-153.e3.

Persistence of salivary antibody responses after COVID-19 vaccination is associated with oral microbiome variation in both healthy and people living with HIV.
Ghorbani M, Al-Manei K, Naud S, Healy K, Gabarrini G, Sobkowiak MJ, Chen P, Ray S, Akber M, Muschiol S, Bogdanovic G, Bergman P, Ljungman P, Buggert M, Ljunggren HG, Pin E, Nowak P, Aleman S, Sällberg Chen M.
Frontiers in immunology 2022:13:1079995.

Neutralizing SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies in Commercial Immunoglobulin Products Give Patients with X-Linked Agammaglobulinemia Limited Passive Immunity to the Omicron Variant.
Lindahl H, Klingström J, Da Silva Rodrigues R, Christ W, Chen P, Ljunggren HG, Buggert M, Aleman S, Smith CIE, Bergman P.
J Clin Immunol 2022:42(6):1130-1136.



Safety and efficacy of the mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 in five groups of immunocompromised patients and healthy controls in a prospective open-label clinical trial.
Bergman P, Blennow O, Hansson L, Mielke S, Nowak P, Chen P, Söderdahl G, Österborg A, Smith CIE, Wullimann D, Vesterbacka J, Lindgren G, Blixt L, Friman G, Wahren-Borgström E, Nordlander A, Gomez AC, Akber M, Valentini D, Norlin AC, Thalme A, Bogdanovic G, Muschiol S, Nilsson P, Hober S, Loré K, Chen MS, Buggert M, Ljunggren HG, Ljungman P et al
EBioMedicine 2021:74:103705.


Discovering aspects of health-experiences of a web-based health diary among adults with primary immunodeficiency.
Petersson C, Björkander J, Fust R.
Nurs Open 2018:5(4):642-648.